Life runs Glacier Mellow!

” Sweet Thames, run softly, till I end my song.”



The soul-searching journey starts with the inadequacy of knowledge and ends with erudition towards one’s consciousness. The absence of knowledge is repulsive, so one investigates the pathway to engaging knowledge. The waking of the numbed souls like a river of enlightenment to transform it all into soft pieces of wisdom, therefore, it is ultimately Glacier Mellow.

Hence, this blog is my personal journey within encountering my English Language university experience and my personal studies in the realm of writing, literature, Occult studies, linguistics, Demonology, Angelology, Theology, Anthropology, and the world of J. R. R. Tolkien. Here I will add my list of online courses and writings. Foremost, ultimately to achieve my M.A. in Gothic Literature.

Update before the end of the decade, this entry on the 29th of December 2019 forms as; my M.A. in Literature is still an ongoing journey, yet for some obstacles, thus being doubled major allows me to start an MSc instantly, they forced me to join the main umbrella major-Marketing-instead of literature. I believe one can pursue the pathway within various aspects such as self-learning, therefore continuing the journey of literature and literary essay writings on my own. The MSc in Marketing with assisting my hungry exploring and keen on understanding the human condition and brain.

I shall resume my writings after a year of depression cause of continuous rejections—a pathway is never over, but I altered it to another aspect of humanitarian studies. Admittedly, I allowed my reading and writing lists stretched to cover: essay writing directed towards literary works and analysis; fantasy novels, young adult and middle-grade novels within the genre of horror and fantasy; further exploration to the umbrella of speculative fiction; and added more classics to my 2020-reading list.

No matter the age group, I will read anything under the umbrella of both Gothic literature and Speculative fiction, moreover, I am fond of Horror fiction, Paranormal fiction, Historical fiction, Historical romance, Magical Realism, Classics, Poetry, and selecting few Nonfictions. I loathe unmagical contemporary novels, yet I would watch their movie adaptations—though, I will never review them.

Overall, the perspective of one’s self determines whiter the change is destructive or uplifting—we will see!


For further reading, start with The Blog.


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