The Screaming Staircase, Lockwood & Co, Jonathan Stroud

Ghosts and dark days: The Screaming Staircase (Lockwood & Co. #1) by Jonathan Stroud


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When the dead come back to haunt the living, Lockwood & Co. step in. For more than fifty years, the country has been affected by a horrifying epidemic of ghosts. A number of Psychic Investigations Agencies have sprung up to destroy the dangerous apparitions. Lucy Carlyle, a talented young agent, arrives in London hoping for a notable career. Instead, she finds herself joining the smallest, most ramshackle agency in the city, run by the charismatic Anthony Lockwood. When one of their cases goes horribly wrong, Lockwood & Co. have one last chance of redemption. Unfortunately, this involves spending the night in one of the most haunted houses in England and trying to escape alive. Set in a city stalked by spectres, The Screaming Staircase is the first in a chilling new series full of suspense, humour and truly terrifying ghosts. Your nights will never be the same again.  (GoodReads, 2013)

This first instalment of Lockwood & Co. series by Jonathan Stroud. It is about an alternative history English where supernatural creatures and ghosts lurking in the dark after sunset. In the form of ghostbusters, the agencies with agents—a psychical investigation agent, or simply an agent, is a person with Talent and hired for the ghost-hunting business ever since the Problem occurred. They are known for their youth, manners, and rapiers; the stronger the connection with the restless dead the higher up an agent is, the specially gifted ones mostly work for a famed agency like Rotwell or Fittes Agency (—around London is to hunt the ghosts.

In The Screaming Staircase, the plucky and talented Lucy Carlyle teams up with Anthony Lockwood, the charismatic leader of Lockwood & Co, the founder of a small agency that runs independently of any adult supervision. After an assignment leads to both a grisly discovery and a disastrous end, Lucy, Anthony, and their sarcastic colleague, George, are forced to take part in the perilous investigation of Combe Carey Hall, one of the most haunted houses in England, the is famous for its legendary Screaming Staircase and Red Room. (

Comparing to the age group targeted with this novel, it has a such a heavy horror and Gothic elements; I don’t remember when was the last time I read a good book with ghosts in English—as I usually have my Arabic companions, so I can get to the mood, but this one scared me like a child. I could not sleep with the lights off for days. Thanks to Mr Stroud we have now an alternative London with all the joy adding ghosts wondering at the night making lives way interesting for ghost hunting agencies and scary for the rest of the world.

So as the world struggle with the visitors—ghosts, we get to meet the wonderful three teenage agents: Anthony Lockwood, George Cubbins, and the Lucy Carlyle. I have enjoyed every moment of the story; the chemistry and humour between the three implies a smooth friend relationship, which will make you stay up all night to finish the book, wondering what happened to Annie Ward, what on earth is a screaming staircase, why is it even screaming? In the middle of the story, you would wonder why is all of this happening! The elements of horror mixed with great writing, thus by the 100 last pages, you will find a new level of neat horror and your answers. Very well build a believable story, that I highly recommend.



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