English Literature & Composition: Glossary of Literary Forms #cwp11x


A literary form, sometimes called a genre, is a category of literature. The forms can be defined by their technique, tone, content, or length. The distinctions between genres and forms are flexible.


Writing that deals with life in a humorous way, often making fun of people’s mistakes

Example: Kingsley Amis’s Lucky Jim


A short story that often uses talking animals as the main characters and teaches an explicit moral or lesson

ExampleAesop’s Fables


A story set in an imaginary world in which the characters usually have supernatural powers or abilities

ExampleHarry Potter books, by J.K. Rowling


A story originally passed from one generation to another by word of mouth. Folktales typically have a moral or lesson.

Historical Fiction

A fictional story based on a real-time and place in history, mixing fact with fiction

Example: The Name of the Rose, by Umberto Eco

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BEHIND THE PAGES (1): INTERVIEW WITH Noha of deuxbleusbooks

Behind the Pages, a simple application to the Bloggers, Bookstagram superstars, Artists, and Aspiring authors around the world, whom in need of applause for their outstanding efforts. We will have interviews to concentrate on their works within 17 questions or more. Note: This feature started over Seraphina Reads before Google shut it down.

Today I would love you to welcome one of my favourite Bookstagramers, she is a fellow Egyptian; here are her wonderful answerers to, hopefully, my not so redundant interview questions.

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